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 Greeting the spring breeze of reform turn of the century in 2000 the company formerly Sky ---- Fuel Co., Ltd. Pingxiang City in the spring tide of market economy came into being. With the advanced management ideas and extraordinary courage soon in this red hot land Anyuan thrive, excel and achieve a leap-forward development.
Currently, the company has formed a scale, the Group management structure, the Group registered capital of 73.75 million yuan of this Part, has developed into a production, trade, logistics as one of the large-scale private enterprise group, forming a coal mining, coal processing, coal distribution, more complete logistics and distribution chain.
 The main electricity distribution company in the business of radiation Jiangxi, Hunan, Anhui, Chongqing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other provinces, municipalities, and the China Power Investment, Datang Power, State Power, Provincial Investment Group, Jiangxi, energy, energy and other subsidiary of Anhui number of large power generation companies and Jiangxi, Hunan, and some large iron and steel enterprises such as the establishment of large coking long-term strategic cooperative partnership.
 Group general manager responsibility system, a board of directors, supervisors, shareholders, the implementation of modern enterprise management. Corporate functions located office, the Finance Ministry, Qi Guanbu, Human Resources, Development and Planning Department, Safety Technology, the Ministry has a staff of 1386 people, high and intermediate grade officers 207.
 Four consecutive years the company has Pingxiang Municipal Government awarded over 500 million annual tax "Contribution Award" of private enterprises, Pingxiang City, State Taxation, Local Taxation Bureau of Pingxiang City, awarded the "A-class tax credit" and " Taxpayer "; Agricultural Bank for four consecutive years rated as" AAA-class customers "; Pingxiang City, rural credit cooperatives" golden good customers "; industry and commerce administrative departments of the" contract, the word business ";" integrity, advanced rights unit ";" key service enterprises "and" integrity management company "; industrial and commercial administration departments exempt enterprises; Pingxiang City Consumers Association awarded the" Bright Star "title.
 In recent years, the company prepared and actively promote the development of strategic transformation, respect for national industrial policy through the relevant requirements, through the integration of resources, develop new projects, the adjustment of product structure, improving energy efficiency, taking resource conservation and intensive management of the road, so as to realize the Group the company's sustainable development.

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